Who We Are?

We help you stand out

Dazzle Interactive Agency is a design and advertising agency that focuses on putting a face to your business and making you stand out among your competitors. We pride ourselves at attaining the client’s primary objective that is brand awareness and driving sales.

At Dazzle, We Understand

At Dazzle, we understand that marketing and branding is all about communication with your customers and the general public. We push beyond the limits to spark the flame of emotion whenever a brand and its audience meet. We understand that brands are created and its roots and deeply entrenched over time in order to grow that will impact generations to come.

Our Mission

Brand execution expertise

Dazzle Interactive Agency aims at brand execution giving your business a strong brand identity thus creating product differentiation in the marketplace. A brand positioned brilliantly in the market will tell your consumers who your product or service are aimed at, what it offers, why it’s better than the competition and why they need it. In turn, good branding will eliminate fragmentation; provide continuity from marketing through sales to customer support. In the customer’s mind a good brand identity delivers on its promise, increases affinity and builds trust, making customers confident in your offering; leading to greater brand loyalty.

We Listen to You

We also listen keenly to understand your needs and requirements. We believe every client is different, so we strive to tailor make each solution for each client.

How we do it

Step 1


We keenly listen to you to understand what you want, known as a brief and conceptualize a creative solution.

Step 2


We then proceed to create the concept aesthetically, creatively, skillfully and passionately.

Step 3


We present various concept drafts for perusal and approval. Amendments in regards to drafts are done at this juncture.

Step 4


We then deliver the complete creative solution.

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